Billions Spent; No Oversight; Hidden Operations; Unwitting Civilian Casualties

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The military and CIA have spent billions to date on technologies here in referred to, and much in secrecy (1,4). There has been no oversight on the development of these technologies. They fall into the area of Pentagon Black Budget Projects (Phillips, Lew, Thornton; C.A. Ross, footnotes 1, 4).

Dr. Nick Begich alludes to what can be gathered in the later chapters of Robert O. Becker’s The Body Electric (1985), that through establishing technologies and systems that use ELF (extremely low frequency), which exploit the ionosphere, for the purpose of earth oriented tomography (magnetic imaging), and submarine communication, the branches of the military have established wide coverage of regions and land masses with ELF. Any signals sent out inevitably pass through everything, living, in its path, as the signals travel back to earth from the ionosphere. (***Begich, Angels Don’t Play this HAARP pg. 95)  This may mean that guided signals  from technologies referred to in Richard Alan Miller’s piece Synthetic Telepathy and Early Mind Wars ( pgs. 5-10, footnote c: ) could use these ionosphere exploiting systems (HAARP being the grandest) to target individuals, as well as groups, with ease.  Using the technologies of behavioral manipulation, EEG cloning, and the likes that this writer refers to throughout the this blog, the military and the CIA, the DOD, as well as DARPA, have the capabilities to test, and even use these bioelectric/psycho physiological technologies, aimed singly, such as in the unwitting experiments using civilians, or towards masses, for more generalized purposes of subtle mass controls.  A careful reading of the later chapters of Dr. Nick Begich’s co-authored book, cited above, more than alludes to such a fact, clearly. This brings into question the militarization of these technologies, not only for military purposes on the battlefield, but for uses on civilians, in times of peace, as well as in times of war. The ethics here are unprecedented, and unnoticed by the public, yet potentially, if not already, they threaten, without notice, sovereignty of the individual, through the real possibilities they now afford, namely, the influence, interference, control of human subject, through computer generated surveillance of cognition, as well as physiological, and neurological functioning.    

  •  CIA, Human Experimentation, Psychiatry, Technology 

Through documents provided by Freedom of Information Act requests, we already know that experiments in the area of remotely effecting humans by way of technologies, using involuntary, as well as voluntary human subjects, go as far back in time as the 1960s, with documents factually stating the existence of CIA Mind Control (MKULTRA) subproject 119, in 1959, concerned with compiling to that date, relevant research gained in “activation of the human subject through remote electronic means“  (see Ross, chapter 9; Becker, 85,  pg 230) . Included, in the broader sense of MK Ultra, within these behavioral studies, were the CIA’s notorious LSD experiments, in which administering such a drug to pregnant women,  unwittingly, did occur, and a climate was created in which some doctors and researchers administered LSD to children as young as 8 years of age.  ( Ross, pg. 81, 127, footnote 1).   Today’s reported use of unwitting human subjects in experiments using military grade, but classified, surveillance, and non-lethal mind invasive technologies, is evidenced in writings by a number of professionals in medical, psychiatry, and science. Richard Alan Miller, a physics, Colon A. Ross, a psychiatrist, Dr. Nick Begich, a researcher in science, and Carol Smith, a psychoanalyst, are just a few, and there works are referenced here.


As stated by Colin A. Ross, MD, author of CIA doctors, a book disclosing factual accounting of the unethical exercises implemented through CIA money, by universities, medical doctors, psychiatrists and hospitals, “There is abundant evidence in the public domain that non-lethal weapons research is ongoing and funded annually in the tens of millions of dollars or more. Given the fact that chemical and biological weapons, mind control drugs and radiation have been tested on unwitting civilian populations, it is possible that non-lethal weapons have been tested on unwitting civilians.” (Ross, pg. 106). With virtually no oversight, this writer argues that civilians, unwittingly, have been subject to these mind invasive technologies, and some of the operations aim to reduce the subject to an object of control, in which induced violence is just the most expressive, and even lethal,  goals aimed at. In US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights, Peter Phillips, and his colleagues state the following: 

 ”The use of electromagnetic weapons to alter the emotional state, hamper the ability of an enemy or US citizens, to think clearly, and result in chaos and pain are morally problematic for a number of reasons: 1. Creating fear, anxiety confusion and irrational behavior within an individual or a population is counterproductive to the operations of a free society and to the execution of warfare. Chaos only breeds the need for greater and greater means of physical repression; irrational behavior is by definition unpredictable and as such provides significant difficulty when the task is to secure an area.” (Phillips, Brown, Thornton, pg 41)


One of the most poignant sketches of the current situation comes from Carol Smith in On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of New Mind Invasive Technologies. Due to her profession, psychoanalysis, she is intimate with individuals, professionally, and her statements in the article referred to here, reflect this.  She states the following regarding victims of the current military experiments using non-lethal mind invasive technologies:  ”Denied the respect of credulity of being used as human guinea pigs, driven to suicide by the breakdown of their lives, they are treated as insane – at best regarded as ‘sad cases’.  “  (footnote b. or reference direct Carol Smith) That is the reality facing an unknown number of victims, according to her, world wide, who live with denial, and even collusion, by medical doctors, psychiatrists, and law enforcement and justice.  Highlighting the outrageous and atrocious unethical nature of subjecting a human being to this technology, she states “Since the presence of a permanent ‘other’ in one’s mind and body is by definition an act of the most intolerable cruelty, people who are forced to bear it but who refuse to be broken by it, have no other option than to turn themselves into activists…” ( b. Carol Smith).  This unprecedented ethical problem has been taken up by a number of international bodies, though the issue remains out of public view, in general.  It is an issue and a problem that has its foundations in decades of secret developments within the scientific community linked to the military, but it impacts society, in many ways, as the reader will see by continuing to discover what this writer attempts to expose.


A measure of the incredible capabilities reported today, might be gathered by looking what uses of these technologies experimenters were engaged in decades ago.  J. F. Schapitz, in 1974, did a study with volunteers. The study involved using modulated microwaves to send signals to the brains of human subjects. Sending  hypnotic suggestions undetectable by the individual subject, in conjunction with environmental, or external cues; recording brainwaves of a subject who had been put into a drugged state, and sending the very same signals into an different individual not under any drug influence, were just two of a series of experiments by the researcher. (See R. O. Becker, pg.321). In his book, Robert Becker states that as early as the 1960s, the CIA provided funding for research into remote influence of human cognition, consciousness, and behavior, by way of electromagnetic fields, EMR, modulated microwave, and extremely low frequency, or ELF. It is possible that as early as the 1970s, by way of radar and satellite, the military, and the CIA, had capabilities to subject, unwittingly, humans in daily life, to the technologies here in referred to, namely, what has been denoted in recent decades as non-lethal weaponry, but more specifically, technologies aimed at neurophysiologic interference, influence, and control . (Robert Becker, The Body Electric, 1984)


A phenomena shrouded in secrecy, and one plagued by misinformation, disinformation, the Pentagon’s censorship capabilities of the US media, as well as unconfirmed but reported mysterious deaths and hidden scandals (search Admiral Boorda’s death; writer Jim Keith’s death), has made informing the public regarding this gravely serious technological capability of our military and CIA, virtually impossible, and left to the reading market of paranormal speculators and conspiracy writers.

Thus said,  if one looks simply at the research done to date within the area of these technologies, the human  brain and behavior, what one finds, provides a striking glimps into what has transpired since the 1960s. The  likelihood of  testing such technologies and using US civilians, without their knowledge or consent, is very high, especially considering the escalation in psychiatric problems, depression, and mental illness in general (a.).  Reports by individuals of direct interference with their lives, by military or intelligence style operations, that use harassment and surveillance, is most definitely a concern in a democratic nation, and a violation of basic human rights, but lack of any oversight in the uses and developments of these technologies, as well as the absence of confirmed investigations, and reporting, regarding misuse, all represent, greatly, the underreported unchecked powers of the United States Military, CIA, and DOD.  That unchecked power has resulted in breaches of ethics and misconduct, abuses coming from military budgets and hidden research grants, have mingled with psychiatric and medical research over decades, with billions spent (b. [R.O. Becker, page 333]) . 

These technologies, based on a delivery of Radio Frequency, ELF, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum, as well as microwave transmission, like cell phones, have been in development since the early 1960, gaining momentum during the 70s and 80s. A logical and reasoned conclusion could be made, that these technologies are operational, and being tested, if not used, on US civilians, without their knowledge, or consent.   The stated media misinformation, and lack of congressional oversight, goes hand in hand with breaches by the US military, and Department of Defensedating back as far as the secret importation, and use, of Nazi scientists, human radiation experiments done during the Cold War. Continuing that tradition is today’s incredible, but outrageous ability to subject the human organism to remote undetected access, and influence of physiological and neurological functioning.  With research in the field to date, and what has been uncovered by Nick Begich (***) and others, concerning the present and actually deployed capabilities, there is enough evidence to make some horrifying conclusions, that go beyond the CIA’s use of this technology on unwitting civilians, but such conclusions will be left to the reader, as this writer attempts to argue the fact that operations using civilians, both voluntary recruits, as well as involuntary victims, does indeed exist. The question is to what extent does the presence of such operations effect the public, and claim


Failures for law enforcement, medicine, and the public, to come to terms with this reality, is more to due with the control, deceit  intimidation, that the military and CIA, use, regarding these exercises within the general population. They are highly criminal, funded by Pentagon’s undisclosed Black Budgets (*****, Tim Werner: The US media has tight controls coming from such operations, as well. Today, the internet is used to dispel the realities of the blatant misuse of these classified technologies, through crafting claims of supposed victims and activists, along side, and even with, investigations of the paranormal, and the UFO phenomena. Also, as mentioned throughout this blog, there has been the creation of a fictional crime wave, going by the name of Gang Stalking (also Terror Stalking/ Covert Harassment), and found only on the internet, with forums and websites by supposed victims, and even an investigative reporter, who along with supposed targets, have authored actual books that are, or said to be, in print (search David Lawson). Such an endeavor highlights the grotesque reality of these operations, that operate outside of the hospitals and military instillations, site of CIA funded abuses decades ago.


Carol Smith, the British Psychoanalyst referred to above, has encapsulated what these programs exercise, which might be imagined as if an invisible person, is by your side, poking you perpetually, often in sync with general day to day activity and thought. She states  ”For one of the salient characteristics of mind-control is the running commentary, which replicates so exactly, and surely not without design, the symptoms of schizophrenia. Part of the effort is to remind the victim that they are constantly under control or surveillance. Programmes vary, but common forms of reminders are electronic prods and nudges, body noises, twinges and cramps to all parts of the body, increasing heart beats, applying pressures to internal organs – all with a personally codified system of comments on thoughts and events, designed to create stress, panic and desperation. This is mind control at its most benign. There is reason to fear the use of beamed energy to deliver lethal assaults on humans, including cardiac arrest, and bleeding in the brain.” (b. Carol Smith On A New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in Light of Mind Invasive Technologies)  The basic interaction, similar to what Carol Smith so accurately describes in the quote above, occurs, by way of surveillance and harassment, in environments, and residential spaces, with neighbors. People are trained to make noises in sync with activity, things heard on the radio or television, with a codified program, and repetition. These trained individuals, will always be home, and continually make their presence know to the victim. They will disturb sleep, seconds after one enters it, repeatedly, and this may occur for months, and even years. Such programs of harassment are confirmed in physicist Richard Alan Miller’s Synthetic Telepathy and Early Mind Wars (footnote: c. appendix, pg 54)  To what extent such harassment accompanies all existing non-lethal weapons/electromagnetic harassment programs, is not certain. The numbers of those effects vary, from 1500 world wide, in 1998 (Smith), to the hundreds referred to in Professor Phillips, and his colleagues ( footnote 4, Phillips, pg. 38).

When looking at such reported claims as noted above, one ought to consider the following, that the exposure of  CIA and military money funding research into controlling the human mind, and influencing behaviors, used unwitting civilians, children, military people, by the thousands. That exposure came with Senate Hearings and the Church Committee proceedings in 1975 and 77 (2).  Since then, operations are said to have gone into secrecy (4. Phillips, Brown, Thornton, pg 24). There has been no congressional or senate inquiries into unethical practices concerning research and experiments or programs aimed at controlling the human mind, influencing behaviors in more than 2 decades.  As the increases of capabilities for the delivery of these technologies have been financed heavily since the Reagan Era, the infrastructure is now massive (Begich, Becker). At the same time, operations to use these technologies may have grown.

  • Military’s Infrastructure and Capabilities for Control 

Systems of delivering the potentials of mind reading, capabilities of consciousness altering technologies, which have the abilities of also inducing physical maladies (see ***Begich; a. Becker) have been in development, most notably, projects by the US Navy, that were stopped in Carter’s administration, but later, during the Reagan era, were enthusiastically brought under one project called Project ELF (Becker, pg.  285, also see ELF History, by Bob Aldridge:  HAARP, a station of the most advanced capabilities for using the ionosphere for tomography, as well as EMP (electromagnetic pulse: ), as reported, is shrouded in technologies developed by private contractors and the US military, though some researchers, such as Dr. Nick Begich (***), have pointed to a vast array of capabilities that use HAARP, one of which, today, can effect human behavior and health, in directed ways, worldwide, from regional effects of a target population, to individual targeting, such as what this writer argues is being done to an unknown number of involuntary victims, through CIA Operations founded on the principles of CIA funded research, during the 1960s and 70s (MK Ultra:, That research, from what the records not destroyed show, included unethical practices and unwitting civilians. Aimed at researching measured techniques to manipulated, or control the human organism, such research translates into the present day, in this writers assessment, and experience, actual operations, using the military infrastructure based on ELF, radar, for surveillance, and to deliver the capabilities deriving from technologies based on neurological and physiological manipulations. (HAARP capabilities: *** Begich, Angels Don’t Play this HAARP, pgs. 134-182). It is on this bed of unethical research, which resulted in death, irreversible loss of memory and brain damage, permanent psychological and emotional trauma (1. Ross, CIA Doctors, 2006), that the current operations can be brought to view more clearly.  

In light of recent international calls (Red Cross, EU, Russia) for discussion concerning technologies capable of interfering with the human organism by way of remote means, and a ban on these technologies by the Russian Duma, in 2001, the US government has been non-committal, and taken an ineffective, if not hostile, posture towards shedding light on the dangers these technologies present to liberties of mind, and free wills of people, and the unconstitutional, as well as unethical access they present to the physical health, and minds of people worldwide. At present the Pentagon, overtly, reserves this category of weapons and technologies, to developments for the battlefield, and crowd control. Denial at every level of what many scholars and researchers know exists within the DOD and the Pentagon, and that is the deployed capabilities, being used on civilians in daily life, in controlled destructive operations and human experiments, as well as possible experiments to effect moods of people in large areas. (see Begich ***) 

The topics provided in these 5 parts, extends beyond the specialties of this writer, and represent a lay study, primarily concerned with military-CIA experiments using unwitting civilians, that are operational, and have been so, to the best of this writer’s knowledge and experience, since the late 1980s.  Avoiding touching the possibilities that such technologies may have evolved to encompass exercises responsible for some of the mass shootings, in recent decades, the focus is more at dispelling the myth that tyrannical operations aimed at civilians, and using mind invasive technologies, are absent from our CIA and military. 

It is the intent of this writer to shed light on the capabilities now in the hands of people in the military and intelligence, as well as private sector, who fund and run operations capable of take away the fundamental basic human rights of all people, sovereignty of mind and will, while inducing conditions that mimic mental illness, and can even direct unwitting subjects to commit violent acts. That is the focus of this writer, though one may be inclined to investigate the abilities of these technologies to cause physical maladies, such as cancer, heart attack, to name just a few ( *** Begich;  b. Smith) .

There are few professionals of authority writing on these human and civil rights atrocities, and as one investigates this topic, through what is offered here, conclusions of a very ethical nature may be arrived at, and that the abilities of these technologies call into question the very rights of these technologies to exist.



  1. Medical Research and Military Publications proves the existence of, and deployment, and experimental use of technologies capable of remotely effecting the human organism    
  2. Black Budget Operations of Pentagon The Pentagon’s long running use of undisclosed money, hidden research grants, and resulting operations  
  3. US Military Unchecked Powers, the Media, and Human Testing The media’s lack of reporting on realities concerning the military’s power, and congressional failures
  4. US Military’s Continual Breach of the Nuremberg Code/US and Nazi War Criminals US brought to its shores Nazi scientists, by the hundreds, after WWII, and this little known fact may have cultivated an unethical heritage within the CIA, and the military 
  5. Today’s US Military-CIA Social and Psychological Operation, beyond MK Ultra The reported surveillance and harassment that accompanies claims of involuntary targeting, using  technologies that interfere with the human body and mind, remain unconfirmed, and lost within a clutter of possible false accounts and fake websites, that clump such reports of so called mind control, with UFO abductee phenomena, and the paranormal. These reproted claims of being unwittingly experimented on, by technologies, should be regarded as issues of military science and human health.    (gang stalking/covert harassment)